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Ian Stubbs


Over 18 years self-employed, sole trader and now director of limited company.  (Reg Number 4485462).


Ian is a full member of the Landscape Institute.




1996 to date:

During the past 11 years as a self employed, self trader and director of a limited company Ian has been involved in numerous high profile developments including visual appraisals for Landscape Impact Assessments. Ian has been involved in preparing landscape strategies and concepts for a wide range of developments including business parks, large gardens, school and office grounds and an inland marina.


Ian was Chief Landscape Architect for the Sir Charles Nicholson Group in Grimsby. During this period, Ian was in charge of an RIBA competition winning scheme for the pedestrianisation of York City Centre.



Ian was Assistant architect with two companies. His experience during this period included work on a large, high-end, landscaped gardens in Atlanta, USA.



Ian was employed by Brain Clouston and Partners in London and was involved in numerous business park and housing estate refurbishment schemes.

Ian Stubbs Design Associates Ltd is a Practice which specialises in imaginative landscape design solutions for private gardens and public spaces, both in Britain and internationally. The Practice was established in 1992. All commissions are by 'word of mouth' and are wide ranging in scope and style, the aim being to give even the most traditional setting a refreshing, contemporary twist. Ian specialises in preparing sustainable designs which are perfectly in tune with the locality and the needs of the Client. The Practice also undertakes landscape visual appraisals as part of Environmental Impact Assessments. Ian works closely with the Client assuring the maximum attention and flexibility.


Complimentary professionals, such as architects and planning consultants, with whom Ian works on a regular basis, may be brought in as required, depending on the nature of the scheme.



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